Our Top 22 Visualizations of 2022

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The satellite was a analyzable and volatile spot successful 2022.

In our signature style⁠—combining art, data, and storytelling⁠—we helped millions of radical marque consciousness of unfolding events, from geopolitical flare-ups to banal marketplace turmoil. Our increasing squad ranked, mapped, and visualized hundreds of caller infographics connected a multitude of topics.

This twelvemonth we continued to refine classical concepts specified arsenic All the World’s Money, Global Happiness, World’s Richest People, and Prediction Consensus.

Speaking of predictions, we’re creating the eventual cheatsheet for 2023.
See what hundreds of experts are predicting for 2023 with our Global Forecast Series.

In this ninth variation of our yearly round-up, we’ve highlighted a tiny enactment of our work, arsenic good arsenic pieces made by talented members of our Creator Program. The pursuing visualizations were selected due to the fact that they reached millions of people, sparked lively conversations, oregon pushed boundaries successful plan and data-driven reporting.

Now, let’s dive successful to the apical 22 visualizations of 2022.

Editor’s note: Click connected immoderate preview beneath to spot the full-sized mentation of a visualization.


The $100 Trillion Global Economy successful One Chart

$100 Trillion World Economy preview image

IMF projections from earlier this twelvemonth suggested that we would deed a caller milestone for planetary economical output: $104 trillion. This voronoi diagram carves up the planetary system by country.

One much penetration from this graphic. While China’s GDP maturation has slowed successful caller years, projections inactive bespeak that the state volition overtake the U.S. by 2030, dethroning the world’s economical leader.


Visualizing Earth’s Seasons

Earth's Seasons preview image

The Earth’s changing seasons radically impact the satellite successful antithetic ways. Some regions acquisition 4 chiseled seasons, portion others acquisition lone 2 oregon arsenic galore arsenic six.

Many radical deliberation the seasons are dictated by Earth’s proximity to the Sun, but this isn’t the case. It’s the Earth’s tilt, not its closeness to the Sun, that influences our seasons and causes monolithic changes successful upwind and ecology.

This animated representation by Eleanor Lutz visualizes Earth’s seasons, showing however the somesthesia changes interaction crystal levels successful the Arctic, arsenic good arsenic the maturation and shifting of vegetation. It besides highlights the unreality screen and sunlight each hemisphere receives passim the year, with each framework successful the animation representing a period of time.


Map Explainer: Key Facts About Ukraine

Ukraine representation explainer preview image

As columns of Russian tanks began snaking their mode toward Kyiv successful aboriginal 2022, the world’s eyes became fixated connected Ukraine. While outlets similar FT and NYT provided real-time penetration updates, we focused connected geography, infrastructure, and points of involvement utilizing our Map Explainer format.


Visualizing the World’s Largest Oil Producers

oil accumulation by state preview image

The struggle successful Ukraine had broader implications connected the planetary economy, and the satellite deed its archetypal vigor situation of the 21st century. This infographic looks astatine wherever lipid is really produced astir the world.

The OPEC countries are the largest lipid producers collectively, with Saudi Arabia unsocial making up one-third of OPEC production.


10 Years of Tinder

10 Years of Tinder Preview Image

With its user-friendly interface and fashionable features similar “swipe right” to bespeak interest, Tinder has transformed the mode radical conscionable and date. When the dating app reached its 10th day this year, we leaned into a wacky plan that reflects the twists and turns the institution has taken connected its travel from hackathon task to cardinal dollar business.


The Salary You Need to Buy a Home successful 50 U.S. Cities

salary to bargain a location preview image

Where 1 lives has large implications connected however realistic location ownership whitethorn seem. This graphic offers a wide presumption of affordability, mapping retired the yearly wage needed for location ownership successful 50 antithetic U.S. cities.

San Jose came retired connected apical arsenic the astir costly city, portion Oklahoma City and Cleveland ranked arsenic immoderate of the astir affordable.


The Relationship Between Wealth and Happiness, by Country

wealth and happiness preview image

Throughout history, the pursuit of happiness has been a preoccupation of humankind. Of course, we humans are not conscionable contented with measuring our ain happiness, but besides our happiness successful narration to the radical astir us—and adjacent different radical around the world.

We crunched the numbers and visualized the information to spot if wealth truly does bargain happiness.


Animation: The World’s Biggest Wind Turbines

worlds biggest upwind turbines preview image

Over the past 20 years, upwind turbines person grown successful size, and are present generating overmuch much vigor per unit. Today, the tallest turbines tin scope implicit 200 meters (650 ft) successful tallness and outgo much than $12 cardinal to manufacture and install.

This animated infographic, produced by our Elements team, shows them side-by-side with iconic landmarks to assistance amusement the standard of modern upwind vigor infrastructure.


33 Problems With Media successful One Chart

Problems with media preview image

One of the hallmarks of antiauthoritarian nine is simply a healthy, free-flowing media ecosystem. Unfortunately, the modern quality media ecosystem is nether occurrence from a fig of angles, from a shrinking excavation of advertisement gross to declining spot from readers.

Many of the problems identified successful the infographic are casual to recognize erstwhile they’re identified. However, successful immoderate cases, determination is an interplay betwixt these issues that is worthy digging into. One happening is for certain, the taxable generated a lively treatment connected however to hole the problems that plague mainstream media.


Visualizing S&P 500 Performance successful 2022, by Sector

stock marketplace successful 2022 preview image

Tracking indices implicit the people of a twelvemonth reveals a batch astir marketplace trends and sentiment. The S&P 500’s show implicit the people of 2022 is simply a large example.

Throughout the year, ostentation rates person remained precocious and involvement rates person likewise been climbing astir the world. Accompanied by the looming menace of a recession, immoderate sectors person been deed harder than others.

This animation from Jan Varsava shows U.S. dividend-adjusted banal show for each institution successful the S&P 500 scale successful 2022, from the commencement of the twelvemonth done the extremity of September.


Animated Map: Where to Find Water connected Mars

Water connected Mars representation preview image

The European Space Agency has agelong been looking for h2o connected Mars, and this twelvemonth it looks similar they’ve recovered it…in rocks!

Special rocks called hydrous minerals are believed to incorporate remnants of a ample but present mislaid Martian ocean. The ESA released caller information confirming the geographical locations of these rocks, suggesting places wherever h2o whitethorn inactive beryllium contiguous heavy beneath the reddish planet’s surface.


All the World’s Military Personnel

military unit preview image

With conflicts successful Ukraine, Iran, and different places making warfare and unit unluckily prevalent successful 2022, we assessed the subject capabilities of countries worldwide.

This ocular breaks down each the world’s progressive work and reserve soldiers with each worker icon representing 10,000 soldiers. Although China has the largest progressive military, Vietnam took the apical spot arsenic the state with the biggest subject worldwide erstwhile including reserves and paramilitary numbers into the mix.


The Yuxi Circle: The World’s Most Densely Populated Area

yuxi ellipse preview image

If you wanted to seizure implicit 55% of the planetary colonisation wrong a ellipse with a 4,000 km (2,500 mi) radius, which metropolis would you spot astatine its epicenter?

Mapmaker Alasdair Rae went digging done colonisation data, tracing circles astir 1,500 cities worldwide to find retired however galore radical lived wrong a 4,000 km radius. Out of each imaginable options, helium discovered that the The Yuxi Circle, based connected a metropolis successful the Yunnan state of China, was the world’s astir densely populated area.


A Lifetime’s Consumption of Fossil Fuels, Visualized

lifetime of fossil fuels preview image

In this graphic, we visualized precisely however galore fossil fuels are utilized successful an mean American’s 80-year lifetime, putting the coal, gas, and petroleum into scaled cubes and comparing them to the size of a quality being.

The extremity result? It turns retired that we usage a batch of fossil fuels arsenic individuals—over 119 tonnes of coal, 236 tonnes of petroleum products, and 2,007 cubic meters of compressed earthy gas.


Every Song With Over 1 Billion Spotify Streams

spotify billions nine preview image

Spotify is the world’s astir fashionable audio streaming work with implicit 450 cardinal users crossed 183 markets. With that benignant of scale, songs tin rack up immoderate superior streaming numbers.

In this ambitious information visualization, we looked astatine each opus with much than 1 cardinal streams connected the platform, and served the information up by decennary and artist.


A Decade of Elon Musk’s Tweets, Visualized

elon musk tweets preview image

Even earlier Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, the entrepreneur was already a powerfulness idiosyncratic of the platform, utilizing it to stock quality astir his companies, chat with users astir technology, and, of course, station dank memes.

To amended recognize Musk’s Twitter usage implicit the years, we decided to scrape his full tweet past and visualize the results. The effect is simply a unsocial radial timeline plan that highlights cardinal topics arsenic good arsenic the wide measurement of tweets. Our nonfiction besides features the highlights (and lowlights) of Musk’s increasing assemblage of microblogging work.


Nature Timespiral: The Evolution of Earth from the Big Bang

nature timespiral preview image

Not overmuch is known astir what came earlier the Big Bang, but we bash cognize that it launched a series of events that gave emergence to the cosmopolitan laws of physics and the chemic elements that marque up matter.

How the Earth came about, and beingness subsequently followed, is simply a wondrous communicative of clip and change. Over the people of astir 14 cardinal years, past has seen the instauration of the universe, the enlargement of the cosmos, and the spawning of galaxies, stars, planets, and eventually, life.

In this amazingly elaborate visualization called the Nature Timespiral, Pablo Carlos Buddassi illustrates this journey, depicting the assorted eras that the Earth has gone done since the inception of the beingness itself.


All the Metals We Mined successful 2021: Visualized

All the metals preview image

“If you can’t turn it, you person to excavation it” is simply a celebrated saying that encapsulates the value of minerals and metals successful the modern world. The sheer measurement of earthy materials and metals that origin into our mundane beingness often goes overlooked.

This visualization takes these unsung heroes and puts them halfway stage. Of the 2.8 cardinal tonnes of metals mined successful 2021, robust ore, which is utilized to marque steel, made up 93%. Over connected the different end, uncommon metals similar rhenium are tiny by comparison.


Countries Grouped by Their Largest Trading Partner (1960-2020)

trading partners preview image

Which countries are the cardinal nodes of the planetary commercialized network? The reply to this question has changed implicit time, with China becoming the latest federation to predominate planetary commercialized networks.

This bid of “netgraphs”, by Anders Sundell, connects countries to their superior trading partner, utilizing information that includes some imports and exports. It’s nary concealed that the U.S. has seen its commercialized dominance gaffe successful caller decades, but seeing it visualized successful this unsocial mode truly drives the constituent home.


The Top 10 Largest Nuclear Explosions, Visualized

nuclear explosions preview image

Threats of a atomic warfare outbreak person been populating headlines this twelvemonth ever since the opening of the 2022 Russian penetration of Ukraine. We examined the apical 10 largest atomic explosions successful history, charting their explosive yields, their height, and the size of their destructive radii into 1 graphic.

Though humans haven’t seen devastation from the likes of atomic weaponry since Hiroshima and Nagasaki successful 1945, the explosives that came aft permission overmuch to the imaginativeness successful the look of processing satellite events.


FTX’s Leaked Balance Sheet

ftx equilibrium expanse preview image

The high-profile illness of crypto speech FTX volition basal arsenic 1 of the biggest—and astir lurid—financial stories of the year.

When FTX’s leaked equilibrium expanse was published by the Financial Times, the ample numbers it contained were pugnacious to genuinely appreciate. We saw an accidental to visualize the information to amended recognize the size of the company’s hole, and the breakdown betwixt liquid and illiquid assets.

Graphic plan aside, the results were not pretty.


The World’s Population astatine 8 Billion

world colonisation 8 cardinal preview image

In mid-November of this year, the 8 billionth quality being entered the world, ushering successful a caller milestone for humanity. In this bid of voronoi diagrams, we look astatine the existent organisation of humanity, by state and by region.

In conscionable 48 years, the satellite colonisation has doubled successful size, jumping from 4 to 8 billion. Our squad besides dug heavy into this taxable successful a full study and webinar for VC+ members.

According to projections, 2023 volition bring different large colonisation milestone. The satellite volition soon person a caller largest country, arsenic India’s population volition surpass China’s.

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