Crypto Stories: How Bitcoin helped a couple start a family

Crypto Stories: How Bitcoin helped a couple start a family

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These Bitcoiners from London person "no regrets" astir their determination to merchantability Bitcoin to commencement a family.

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 How Bitcoin helped a mates commencement a household

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Bitcoin (BTC) gains helped “Noodle,” a London-based Bitcoiner, to spend successful vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments for his family. Noodle’s communicative comes to beingness successful the latest variation of Cointelegraph’s Crypto Stories.

IVF treatments tin beryllium expensive, with occurrence rates ranging from 4% to 38%, depending connected assorted factors. Fortunately, profits from buying and holding Bitcoin provided the indispensable funds for Noodle to commencement a family.

Noodle, who archetypal heard astir Bitcoin successful 2012, decided to merchantability immoderate of his BTC to wage for IVF attraction for his wife. He favored selling BTC implicit taking retired a loan, converting implicit $70,000 successful Bitcoin into fiat currency implicit a fewer years to wage for the treatments.

Noodle’s travel with Bitcoin began erstwhile helium was astatine the gym. An acquaintance introduced him to the Silk Road, a now-defunct marketplace wherever users could bargain and merchantability assorted items utilizing BTC. Noodle was convinced to bargain 7 BTC astatine $57 each and ended up utilizing it to bargain cannabis online.

From that constituent on, Noodle fell down the rabbit holes of finance, acquisition and the satellite of Bitcoin. He adjacent convinced his wife, whom helium had been with since 2008, to put immoderate of their wedding wealth into Bitcoin. Little did they know, this concern would yet money IVF treatments to assistance them person children.

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Despite the archetypal stigma astir IVF, the Noodle household was capable to person 2 children acknowledgment to the profits from their Bitcoin investment. Noodle told Cointelegraph that helium has “no regrets” astir his determination to merchantability BTC to commencement a household and emphasized the value of being capable to marque informed fiscal decisions.

For galore people, the determination betwixt holding Bitcoin oregon utilizing it for applicable purposes tin beryllium a hard one. However, for Noodle, the prime to merchantability was a wide one, and helium is grateful for the accidental that his Bitcoin concern provided.

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