At least 10 people are dead and 20 escaped after a prison riot in Juárez, Mexico |

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At slightest 20 escaped inmates are present connected the escaped aft a riot successful 1 of Mexico's astir notorious prisons turned into a deadly jailbreak connected Sunday. At slightest 10 radical were killed.

The authorities authoritative said successful a connection that the Mexican military, the nationalist defender and section constabulary present had the concern nether power arsenic of Sunday afternoon.

The situation riot took spot successful Ciudad Juárez, a bluish borderline metropolis plagued by cartel violence. The politician of Juárez, Cruz Pérez Cuéllar, told section media that equipped gunmen had entered the prison.

The Cereso authorities prison, located successful the city, is considered to beryllium one of Latin America's astir unsafe institutions. Deadly situation riots are commonplace: including 1 successful 2009, where 20 radical died, and different successful 2011, where 17 radical died.

In August, Mexican service soldiers and the National Guard defender were called successful to assistance aft 3 radical died successful a situation pack brawl, according to the El Paso Times.

Government officials person said that the situation is known to beryllium tally by members of an organized transgression radical known arsenic the Mexicles. Over the years, this radical has planned and ordered attacks connected the metropolis of Juárez from wrong the prison, according to officials.

Mexican quality outlets reported that 10 situation guards were killed on with 4 inmates.

El Diario shared images of fume billowing from the prison, portion residents reported proceeding dense gunfire.

Eyder Peralta contributed reporting.

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