$8K dive or $22K rebound? Bitcoin traders anticipate Q1 BTC price action

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Bitcoin (BTC) is approaching the extremity of 2022 astatine levels not seen successful implicit 2 years — what bash traders deliberation volition hap next?

BTC terms reeling from USD strength

Currently down 15% successful Q4 and implicit 60% year-to-date, BTC/USD has fewer bullish allies arsenic 2023 looms.

Struggling to retrieve from the ongoing FTX ungraded and associated fallout, the largest cryptocurrency giving backmost each the gains seen since precocious 2020 is indicative of the crypto marketplace arsenic a whole.

Risk assets are successful a precious presumption themselves, arsenic Cointelegraph reported, portion eyes are besides connected the spot of the U.S. dollar going into the caller year.

Cointelegraph takes a look astatine the diverging opinions among immoderate fashionable traders erstwhile it comes to what BTC terms enactment could bash successful Q1, 2023.

Crypto Tony: Short with regular scope debased target

One marketplace subordinate taking nary chances connected the past time of trading connected Wall Street is Crypto Tony.

Having warned that a travel to as debased arsenic $8,000 could beryllium imminent for Bitcoin, connected Dec. 30, a caller illustration showed conscionable however anemic terms enactment presently is.

On regular timeframes, BTC/USD is backmost beneath the equilibrium terms (EQ) of a scope successful spot since FTX began, this nary longer holding arsenic support.

A failed breakout astatine the scope precocious means that the astir apt people is present the scope debased astatine person to $15,500.

“I stay abbreviated and americium looking for the propulsion down into the scope debased arsenic highlighted,” Crypto Tony wrote successful accompanying comments.

BTC/USD annotated chart. Source: Crypto Tony/ Twitter

Cred: Reclaim $19,000 portion to alteration trend

For chap trader Cred, it is besides each astir the scope erstwhile it comes to however Bitcoin mightiness behave successful future.

In a video update connected Dec. 29, Cred identified monthly and play enactment astatine $14,000 and $12,000, respectively.

“With that said, if we’re not astatine these levels, what tin we look for? If you don’t privation to get to support, you could ever amusement maine a failed breakdown from enactment arsenic a bullish argument,” helium said.

An country astir $18-19,000, breached done acknowledgment to FTX successful November, could frankincense inactive go a people to reclaim, leaving consequent weeks’ terms enactment arsenic specified a “failed breakdown.”

On play timeframes, however, BTC/USD is presently trading successful an insignificant portion which is “not anywhere,” Cred added.

BTC/USD annotated illustration (screenshot). Source: Cred/ Twitter

Kaleo: Strong attraction to $22,000 successful Q1

A much optimistic instrumentality connected what could hap successful Q1 arsenic a full comes from fashionable Twitter relationship Kaleo.

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In a prediction released connected Dec. 30, Kaleo showed a bottoming series underway connected BTC/USD, with adjacent 4th supplying a wide upside terms target.

The country astir $22,000, helium suggested, would enactment similar a magnet for price, based connected plaything highs for the 8-hour illustration stretching backmost respective months.

By contrast, little lows did not diagnostic successful the outlook.

BTC/USD annotated chart. Source: Kaleo/ Twitter

“This is what you person to look guardant to successful aboriginal 2023,” Kaleo commented.

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