3 reasons why Bitcoin is likely heading below $16,000

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December volition apt beryllium remembered by Bitcoin’s (BTC) fake breakout supra $18,000, but isolated from that little overshoot, its trajectory was wholly bearish. In fact, the downward inclination that presently offers an $18,850 absorption could bring the BTC terms beneath $16,000 by mid-January.

Bitcoin/USD terms index, 12-hour chart. Source: TradingView

A fistful of reasons tin explicate the antagonistic movement, including the reported withdrawal of the Mazars Group auditing firm from the cryptocurrency assemblage connected Dec. 16. The institution antecedently handled proof-of-reserve audit services for Binance, KuCoin and Crypto.com.

Additionally, 1 tin constituent to the bankruptcy of Core Scientific, 1 of the largest cryptocurrency miners successful the United States, Core Scientific. The publically listed institution filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy connected Dec. 21 owed to rising vigor costs, expanding contention and the Bitcoin terms clang successful 2022.

The liquidity situation astatine the crypto lender and trading desk Genesis Global and its genitor company, Digital Currency Group (DCG), sparked fearfulness among investors. More importantly, DCG manages the $10.5 cardinal Grayscale Bitcoin Investment Trust. The money is presently trading astatine a 47% discount to its nett plus worth successful portion owed to capitalist speculation connected its vulnerability to Genesis Global.

Negative unit from the U.S. Federal Reserve tightening movement

Apart from the bearish newsflow, the macroeconomic script deteriorated aft the U.S. Federal Reserve hiked involvement rates by 50 ground points connected Dec. 14. Analysts, including Jim Bianco — caput of organization probe steadfast Bianco Research — said that the monetary authorization would maintain its tighter monetary argumentation successful 2023.

Investors fearfulness that Bitcoin could interruption beneath the existent descending inclination enactment astatine $16,100, triggering a crisp correction. Th3 Cryptologist, a seasoned crypto trader, pointed retired a descending wedge perchance causing a $14,000 debased by February 2023.

On regular TF I tin spot this shaping retired to beryllium a descending wedge with a imaginable bottommost forming astatine 14k area. $btc #bitcoin pic.twitter.com/dpPVZZy5Vk

— TH3 Cryptologist (@TH3Cryptologist) December 29, 2022

Looking astatine Bitcoin derivatives information whitethorn assistance 1 recognize if the terms enactment and caller quality person impacted crypto investors’ sentiment.

Bitcoin buyers’ request utilizing leverage is yet to beryllium seen

Retail traders usually debar quarterly futures owed to their terms quality from spot markets. Meanwhile, nonrecreational traders similar these instruments due to the fact that they forestall the fluctuation of backing rates successful a perpetual futures contract.

The three-month futures annualized premium should commercialized betwixt +4% to +8% successful steadfast markets to screen costs and associated risks. Thus, erstwhile the futures commercialized astatine a discount versus regular spot markets, it shows a deficiency of assurance from leverage buyers — a bearish indicator.

Bitcoin 3-month futures annualized premium. Source: Laevitas

The supra illustration shows that derivatives traders stay bearish arsenic the Bitcoin futures premium stands negative. Even much concerning, not adjacent the $18,000 pump connected Dec. 14 was capable to displacement those whales and marketplace makers to a balanced leverage request betwixt longs and shorts.

Still, the deficiency of request for leverage buying does not needfully bespeak that traders expect an contiguous adverse terms action. For this reason, 1 should analyse Bitcoin’s options markets to exclude externalities circumstantial to the futures instrument.

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Options traders getting comfy with downside risks

The 25% delta skew is simply a telling motion erstwhile marketplace makers and arbitrage desks are overcharging for upside oregon downside protection.

In carnivore markets, options investors springiness higher likelihood for a terms dump, causing the skew indicator to emergence supra 10%. On the different hand, bullish markets thin to thrust the skew indicator beneath -10%, meaning the bearish enactment options are discounted.

Bitcoin 30-day options 25% delta skew: Source: Laevitas

The delta skew peaked astatine 23% connected Dec. 29, signaling that options traders are uncomfortable with downside risks.

As the 30-day delta skew stands astatine 18%, some options and futures markets constituent to pro traders fearing that the $16,100 enactment volition apt beryllium tested.

Therefore, the reasons for investors’ bearishness see the continuation of higher involvement rates, the lack of leverage buyers’ demand, and BTC enactment traders positioning for much downside.

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